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Save Money!

Save Money
Brewery-fresh keg beer costs 3-5 cents an ounce. That is HALF THE COST of purchasing bottles and cans.

A custom kegerator can pay for itself in less than two years! Our standard Kegerators can pay for themselves in half that time!

No Hand Pumps

Keep Beer Fresher, Longer
Beer goes bad when exposed to oxygen. That is why using a hand pump is a bad idea. Hand pumps put air in the keg and will skunk your beer in a matter of days!

Kegerator beer can stay fresh for long periods of time because it is served on CO2. We at Kegerator Kustoms have personally sampled keg beer that was more than five years old and still tasted like the day it was filled! You paid for your keg beer, why not keep it fresh until the last drop is gone?

Keg Types

Our kegerators can be customized to support any type of keg! Full kegs, pony kegs, quarter kegs and yes, even the popular 5 gallon corny (home brewer) kegs. We recommend using corny kegs because they allow you to serve multiple beers with a small kegerator.

Corny kegs can be refilled by your local brewery for a cost of about $50 per keg! Why limit yourself to a single beer choice? Choose the corny option on your kegerator and give your guests options! We can even provide the kegs!

Denver Brons Kegerator

The Cool Factor
No home bar is complete without a draft beer system. We offer a full spectrum of kegerator choices designed to meet your budget and personal specifications. Our specialty is producing "Kustom", one-of-a-kind designs that will blow your mind! If you can dream it, we can build it! Check out our Customer Gallery to see more great designs.

Have a Beer!

Full flavor, Not Pasteurized
Keg beer is brewery-fresh! Most store bought beers are pasteurized.

The pasteurizing process involves packaging the beer at very high temperatures which kills the flavor. Keg beer is full unadulterated flavor at its best.

Stout on Nitrogen

Many beers like Guinness are dispensed using nitrogen rather than CO2 to produce a rich creamy head. Although there have been attempts to reproduce the draught nitrogen effect in bottles and cans it just doesn't compare to the real thing.

All of our kegerators can easily be converted to use nitrogen, and if your system supports two taps or more, then it can be configured to use both nitrogen and CO2 at the same time!

Service and Support Service and Support
Our relationship with customers does not end at the point of sale. Whether you are renting or buying, we provide a complete walk-through of every system and make sure that you have everything you need to get the most from your investment. After the sale, we provide best-in-class service and support. Just give us a call and we will ensure you get what you need! Our Customer Testimonials speak for themselves!
Go Green!

Go Green! Save the Environment
Reduce your use of cans, bottles, cardboard containers, etc.
Reuse your keg by refilling it when it is empty

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