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  Kustom Kegerator Gallery
  We'll help you find licensed images, logos, and other items* to put the finishing touches on your kegerator. Add your own "extras" to make a Custom Kegerator uniquely yours! Here are just a few photos of Kustom Kegerator customers.
Customer's Denver Broncos Custom Kegerator

Customer's Denver Broncos® 8-Tap Kegerator

This beauty features 8 taps and a 45 gallon capacity (8 - 5 gallon corny kegs). The corny keg feature of this unit allowed the customer to have their homebrew on tap and take the kegs to the local micro-brewery to get them filled with their favorite beers!

After delivery, the kegerator was "kustomized" by the customer with a large Broncos logo® front and center and Super bowl® logos for their wins at XXXII and XXXIII.

There is no doubt about it, this custom kegerator is the "Big Daddy" of home draft beer systems!




  Customer's Harley Davidson Custom Kegerator  

Customer's Harley Davidson® 4-Tap Kegerator

A kegerator for a real "man cave". This black beauty was ordered by a Harley enthusiast who wanted to compliment his den and save money over buying bottled beer.

The four taps give him and his guests plenty of choices for parties and gatherings and the Harley Davidson® stickers he found really made this unit stand out!

He loved the fact that kegerator's are considered "green" machines, helping to offset the carbon footprint of his riding habit!




  Cask Beer Barrel Kegerator  

Beer Barrel / Cask Kegerator

By far one of our favorite installs! The kegerator was installed in a maintenance room behind and the beer lines were routed through a cold-air chase to come out of the barrels installed in the bar room on the other side.

This illustrates just one of the endless possibilities for kustom bar installations! Contact us today to start your project!




  Customer's Dallas Cowboys Custom Kegerator  

Customer's Dallas Cowboys® 2-Tap Kegerator

This compact kegerator features a "walk-up" two tap system that was designed to work with one half-barrel (15.5 gal.), one pony (7.5 gal.), or two corny (5 gal.) kegs for the ultimate flexibility.

After delivery Kegerator Kustoms helped the customer locate an NFL-licensed Dallas Cowboy® star to put the finishing touches on their unit.

According to the customer, this unit has become the centerpiece of every party! They are constantly getting compliments on the "cool factor" and craftsmanship of the kegerator and better yet, they are saving money by buying kegs instead of bottled beer!




  Tradeshow Truck Kegerator  

Electroscan Trade Show Truck Kegerator

Electroscan in California contacted us to trick out their trade show truck with four taps and a kustom kegerator. We installed removable faucets that could be replaced with stainless steel plugs for travel. The kegerator interfaced with the trucks on-board generator to keep the beer cold for their trade-show customers. After completion, the truck was headed for a complete audio visual install and vinyl wrap. This vehicle is sure to attract attention for Electroscan!





  Tennessee 3 Tap Custom Kegerator  

Customer's Tennessee Vols ® 3-Tap Kegerator

This Tennessee Vols kegerator would be the hit of any party. 3 taps ensures enough beer choices to please even the stingiest of beer palettes. This unit supports one half-barrel (15.5 gal.), TWO ponies (7.5 gal.), or THREE corny (5 gal.) kegs. Your guests will appreciate having different beer selections!

Kegerator Kustoms worked closely with the customer to ensure the colors were an exact match. In addition to the home delivery and installation, Kegerator Kustoms provided a complete walk-through of the unit including maintenance, operation, and cleaning! This personalized level of customer service is standard on all Kustom Kegerator orders!




  Go Army, Beat Navy Kegerator  

Go Army, Beat Navy Kegerator

These beer enthusiasts wanted to show their service pride with a two-tap draft beer system for their home. In addition to a standard CO2 tap, the customer wanted a complete nitrogen system and stout faucet to serve Guinness drafts!




  Custom Kegerator in Denver Brons Colors  

Denver Bronco® Colors 3-Tap Kegerator on sale now!

Bronco fans, show your pride with this 3 tap Kustom Kegerator!

It comes complete with everything you need to enjoy the benefits of premium tap beer at home! Add your own team logos, player numbers, or images to make this system uniquely yours!*

Check out the product page from more details!




* Kegerator Kustoms will assist customers in obtaining their own licensed imagery and logos. Kegerator Kustoms is not affiliated with Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson is the registered trade mark of the Harley-Davidson Corporation. NFL Team names are trademarks of the teams indicated. All other NFL-related marks and logos are trademarks of the National Football League. Kegerator Kustoms is not affiliated with the National Football League or the teams indicated. Kegerator Kustoms does not sell Licensed or registered merchandise.
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